One of the most common formats for an essay is five paragraphs, particularly if you write an argumentative essay. These tests, also known as persuasive, are designed to convince the reader of a particular point of view. For these tests, we have to investigate, it is one of the best ways to raise your point across facts. The five paragraph format allows you to express and support your main points keeping your concise essay.



Write the introduction of your essay. The introduction should include above information in your topic, and your thesis approach. Your thesis approach informs the reader your position on the subject that you will try, and serves as a summary of your point. The introductory paragraph should become three to five sentences in a five paragraph essay.

Write three paragraphs as body. Designed to convince these paragraphs with your point of view. Make sure the body is supported by facts or quotes from other sources and they are well researched. Write sentences smooth transition between each paragraph. Compose at least five sentences for each paragraph.


Write the conclusion. The conclusion should summarize your argument and restate your thesis. The conclusion is your last chance to convince the reader of your view, so do not add new information. Summarize what you raised in the body of the essay and write a final, logical and clear approach to your essay.